Thank you to our clients and relationships, as well as to the BakerHostetler team who made the creation of the new Digital Assets and Data Management (DADM) Practice Group possible.

In a world dependent on data, this group takes a 360-degree approach to the delivery of services and counsel to clients on how they manage and use information, comply with regulations, incorporate new technology and defend against internal and external threats. For more than a decade, different teams at BakerHostetler have been at the forefront of helping clients leverage data and technology to transform their products and services. Following our own advice of using an enterprise approach to address these issues, we prioritized the importance of “data” as it affects the practice of law, and merged these teams into a unique multidisciplinary practice group to help clients address the spectrum of issues in this area.

Our new practice group brings preeminent teams together to provide comprehensive counsel on the full range of complex and evolving issues associated with data and technology, including digital innovation, e-commerce, fintech, cybersecurity, consumer privacy, transactions, governance, risk management and more. Our services are structured to reflect the business life cycle of data.

The DADM Practice Group marshals the strength of six service delivery teams of diverse attorneys, technologists and support professionals from the firm’s highly regarded IncuBaker program to help clients navigate the intersection of digital business, emerging technologies and the law. Nearly 50% of the practice group members are women and diverse attorneys. Four of the six teams are led by women and diverse attorneys.

The DADM Practice Group’s six teams are:

  • Digital Risk Advisory and Cybersecurity: Developing and implementing risk-based cybersecurity strategies, building programs for compliance with data protection regulations, and leading clients through the responses to global data security incidents.
  • Advertising, Marketing and Digital Media: Navigating key issues such as social media marketing, e-commerce, gaming, claim substantiation and more.
  • Privacy Governance and Technology Transactions: Operating at the intersection of innovation and information, developing and implementing strategic digital asset management solutions with rigorous attention to contracts, policies, training and compliance with an evolving global legal and regulatory landscape.
  • Healthcare Privacy and Compliance: Ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, as well as leveraging emerging technology, managing information flows and structuring operations to utilize data in a way that is compliant with healthcare-specific requirements.
  • Privacy and Digital Risk Class Action and Litigation: Uniting attorneys who have deep subject matter experience and have defended more than 100 class action matters. The team has won numerous high-profile rulings on a variety of novel and complex legal issues, including standing and class certification, which they defended on appeal, and has litigated competitive advertising disputes and enforcement matters involving the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general.
  • Emerging Technology: A multifaceted approach to handling data analytics and the emerging use of artificial intelligence, biometrics, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology, supported by tech-savvy attorneys, technologists and the firm’s own innovative R&D team, IncuBaker.

We are launching a blog series that will discuss each of the practice teams in more detail.  Also, in the near future, will be getting a facelift to reflect our commitment to supporting the needs around “everything data.”