After you learn of a potential data breach, the clock is ticking and potential liabilities are mounting. Quickly identifying the right team to guide your company through the complexities of the response is paramount. Baker Hostetler’s Privacy, Security & Social Media Emergency Response Team has launched a dedicated hotline so it can be reached at any time:

Toll Free 24-Hour
Data Breach Hotline

The hotline is staffed by attorneys with the combined experience of responding to over 200 breaches.

Federal and state laws are constantly changing. Three state breach notification laws will change in 2012 and there are at least 15 pending data security bills in Congress. The costs of responding to a data breach continue to increase and studies show that a company will spend almost twice as much responding to its first data breach as it will for subsequent breaches. Studies also show that companies who report breaches too quickly incur higher costs.

The risk of a data breach is a risk companies of all sizes cannot afford to ignore. Hackers are not just after large companies. Some of the focus has shifted to so-called easier targets — small and midsize companies that are more likely to be unprepared and unprotected.

The Baker Hostetler Data Breach Emergency Response Team leads a multi-disciplinary team of key client personnel, attorneys, network security experts and crisis communications specialists to:

  • eliminate any system vulnerability;
  • confirm remediation of the system so business can resume;
  • assess legal and contractual notice obligations;
  • manage contact with impacted parties;
  • minimize the potential for lawsuits or regulatory enforcement actions;
  • defend against assessments by the card brands; and
  • defend against putative class actions.

We have effectively used this approach to help companies in the financial services, healthcare, retail, hospitality, technology and third-party service provider industries respond to data breach incidents. Indeed Baker Hostetler attorneys have been involved in responding to the largest reported data breach incidents and subsequent class action litigation related to covered entities and payment processors. We utilize this experience, including long-standing relationships with breach response specialists, to help clients respond in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

If you have any questions about our Data Breach Hotline or how we may assist you, please contact Jerry Ferguson ( or 212.589.4238), Ted Kobus ( or 212.271.1504) or your regular Baker Hostetler contact.