We are excited to release the fifth edition of our annual Data Security Incident Response Report. This year’s report provides metrics from the 750+ potential incidents our team led clients through in 2018, as well as “Take Action” segments that feature insights from our team on key response items. Because it is our Report’s fifth year, we included a special section that provides a five-year trend summary on core incident response metrics.

When we started, our goal in publishing the Report was to allow our clients to leverage the metrics and insights from our incident response experience to identify practical steps to reduce risk profiles, build cyber resilience, and facilitate incident response preparedness. Along the way, we learned that capturing and checking the data continuously throughout the year enabled us to spot emerging risks and trends faster, which we then convert into our “Cyber Response Intelligence” to improve our delivery of incident response services to our clients. A recent change in ransom demand amounts that occurred in the beginning of 2019 is an example of this intelligence – that change is covered in this Report.

Our 2019 Report continues to draw focus on the basic elements of incident response. For incident response, experience shows that focusing on the basics pays dividends. We leverage experience drawn from thousands of incidents to help entities identify and prioritize key areas to enable incremental improvement in their risk posture and incident response preparedness status.

We will host a webinar to provide more in-depth commentary on the metrics and insights from the Report on April 16 at 11:30 a.m. EDT. Register now >>

For more in-depth analysis on key items in the report, watch for our “DSIR Deeper Dive” posts in the coming weeks.

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