Privacy and data protection issues confront all organizations—whether you handle employee information, credit card data, sensitive financial information or trade secrets. Securing data is a daunting task that is further complicated by cross-border transfer issues and the differences in privacy laws around the world. These laws are complex and can pose myriad and sometimes conflicting obligations to a multinational enterprise. BakerHostetler’s Privacy and Data Protection Team is experienced at guiding our clients through this maze of global privacy norms.

The BakerHostetler Privacy and Data Protection Team has developed a prompt and practical approach. We have a comprehensive international network of experienced service providers who are responsive when clients require support and guidance through a data security event. This compendium represents our global experience in this field. While it is not a substitute for legal advice, it is a reference guide that outlines the basic requirements in place when dealing with an international data breach so that you can know what immediate steps to take and what questions you need to ask to minimize your company’s exposure.

BakerHostetler’s International Compendium of Data Privacy Laws is now accessible.

We hope you find the information practical and welcome your comments and suggestions. We encourage you to contact the authors of the compendium, Gerald J. Ferguson at, Theodore J. Kobus III at, or Gonzalo S. Zeballos at for further information.